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Within a moment Mambo put her head between the hands.

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When relaxed, happy or at play they will prance and skim the ground lightly.

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We are absolutely in love with him!""I wanted to send you an email to share with you the joy our dog Oakley has brought to our family and friends. More…

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?The McKnight's I am not the owner of this special pup. More…

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PLEASE HELP!While he has been off of the steroids now for almost 4 months, his personality changed he became skittish and jittery, he is still over weight he used to be SUPER fit and trim – he’s super “wide” with skinny legs, his hair has thinned, and he continues to get skin infections. Still to this day, we are treating the “cough”, which is a function of the bronchitis, but now with a bronchial inhaler, but we are also treating his airway and lungs to keep them healthy with. That said, I’m still not comfortable with the number of meds that he is on. Unless/until cured, he will always cough. I spend countless hours per week looking for alternative to medicine/options, and am hopeful for breakthroughs and advances…I just lost my 8 year old chihuahua mix. He had no symptoms until a few weeks ago.

Yes, of course there have been issues with genetic diseases in humans as well — often due to inbreeding and thus a lack of genetic diversity within those populations in some populations.

She is now 6 months old and continues to charm us with her amazing personality.

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