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Elbows OFATests required for the Breeding of Standard Poodles1.

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Although puppies with fleece coats require little care, the phase when the adult hair is growing in requires a great deal of care.

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He has the poodle coat except for his underside and hasn't shed a hair. More…

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We are committed to raising healthy puppies for people who desire to add a loving pet to their families. More…

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Way before Mambo went to formal Therapy Dog classes, she was caring for my Mom. There was one very touching moment, where it all seemed to 'click' for Mambo. My Mom was trying to get out of a chair. I would have of course helped her, but for as long as possible, she wanted to be in charge of her own mobility. I watched her try and get up about 5 times, once after another. Mambo less than a year old, sat in front of her and watched.

Do you have that kind of time?Many Goldendoodle dogs in shelters or with rescue groups are already trained and ready to go!Adults have a much longer attention span than puppies, too, which means they're easier and faster to teach.

Their personality is already developed, and you'll be able to spot the characteristics you're looking for much more easily than with a puppy Goldendoodle.

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goldendoodle breeders minnesota